The 2014 Heroes Are Human Tour Information

Walking In My Shoes

The tour will be making its way across Canada beginning in May 2014.  You can find more information at 

Because I am from Ontario, I will be biased and post the information for the Ontario dates, but please, don’t get me wrong, this tour will be coming to a city near you, so I highly suggest you check out their website (link provided above).

Ontario Heroes Are Human Tour Dates:

Sometimes those who save lives need to heal!

Who is invited?

These events will be open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Operational Stress Injuries. Frontline correctional, emergency services, and military personnel are welcome.  We also encourage family members and friends, mental health professionals, nurses, physicians, and human resources professionals to attend.

Please note, there is NO FEE to attend these sessions, all that is required is that you pre-register.


Kingston-May 21…

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