Praying for the RCMP

No story today, sorry.  I haven’t been able to stop watching the events unfolding in Moncton over the past 24 hrs.  My heart is broken and words cannot express how I feel right now knowing that Officers who do nothing but their duty protecting the public were gunned down for no reason.  I am in shock.  I send my prayers, my thoughts and the largest of hugs to the families, coworkers and greater police and emergency services communities in Moncton NB today.

If there is one message that needs to ring out strong in this critical incident, it is that help is just a phone call away.  Please take the time to speak to someone about how you are feeling.  Understand that you are not alone in how you feel.  Allow others to take the lead right now and give your body the opportunity to scale down.  Rest. Eat & drink regularly (non caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages) & and most of all talk and cry.  I cannot stress this enough, this is a time for tears and it is normal and appropriate to shed tears right now.  Express how you are feeling to someone.

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust provides peer and crisis support to first responders, police, paramedics, firefighters and other responders who may be experiencing the ill effects of this traumatic of crises.  Please do not hesitate to call this or your local crisis number.


May God bless you and keep you all.  Forever in my heart.


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