First Responder Suicides – Battle Buddies

Sharing from my sister-blog site, important information to share.

Walking In My Shoes

I’m interrupting my series on physiology to deal with a topic that keeps resurfacing for me, first responder suicides.  We lost another one this week. We have a total of 21 dead by their own hand in the past 5 months. Now I’m not sure if this stat actually reflects what the normal rate of suicide is, or if there is actually something going on – all I know is that my road gets a little lonelier each time someone chooses to leave.


There are people out there who understand your pain. I get it. I’ve been there, I cycle back to it often and I have come to understand it as a phase, it passes with time. The underlying depression that comes with post traumatic stress disorder CAN be dealt with.

This message is directed at all of the people who…

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