Warrior Spirit

You try to imagine yourself in a different time, a different world where happiness and wonder greet your moments, opening eyes to the experience of what is truly meant by the term life. An unveiling of awe, a stillness in beauty, the radiance of delight; experiences to nourish the soul and quiet a mind lost.

You breathe deeply the essence of life, filling your lungs, passively absorbing the energy it brings to your being. The flow of soothing tide races through your core, spreading outward in a rush of calm touching every nerve, every cell and every atom.

You draw silent the cries of mourning and grief stricken anguish that burble in a hidden cauldron below your conscious awareness. The feeling of it, laden with darkness, heavy in its depth, menacing; threatening to overburden your experience of light and life.

You fight to stay present, focusing only on the now, a moment, a microsecond of positive energy you ravenously devour as you grapple to once again build your armory against an imposing foe, one you’ve gone up against several times and crawled from, battle weary but undefeated.

You steady your chin, you feel the warmth of life caress your skin, molecules of energy imparting their power and enhancing your inner strength. Each breath brings with it life affirming fortitude to the warrior spirit that rises to mount the unseen battle, ever valiant, ever brave.

Your soul whispers of a time for darkness, restrained though it must be, in future, when the warrior must bow its head and yield to the nature of sorrow; accepting it for the gift of experience that it brings, the enlightenment of spirit and growth of heart.

You focus now only on the light, the warmth, the purity of life, choosing your experience carefully, metering the doses of darkness that break the surface, seeing only what you wish to see to allow your inner warrior to grow and replenish its strength.

You know your time in the light is limited. You know to see is but one aspect of life; to feel and accept the experience of feeling are what make us strong. So you prepare to stand before the pain, your warrior prepares to bend a knee and allow the experience to wash over them, for warriors without heart can never reign in battle.


About creativewriter72

I am a person embarking on an in depth exploration of the creative side of writing. Each blog post is an exercise in creative writing and the stories are not intended to be continuous.
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