Each day passes, uneventful. Time slips by of its own accord, Suns rising and falling mercilessly dragging the clock arms ever onward.

But something has changed…irrevocably within. Each day greeted with expectation, a small spark of anticipation for something just beyond the realm of comprehension. It sits quietly, patiently; a void waiting to be filled.

It sits deep within the heart, within my very soul, an empty vessel consumed with the knowledge of what it was to be full; longing to feel that sensation again; expecting a resolution.

The knowing, the longing, the desire to be whole again, it sits like a stone, heavy, immovable. The anticipation a testament to the fact that hope thrives against all odds…against the irrevocably altered.

I wander through the days, absent of ambition, void of desire, hesitant to dream the singular dreams of those left behind. Pangs of guilt splash every moment of joy, each laugh echoes within the empty vessel that now resides where your presence once was.

I try to forge onward, following the Sun, I take up the ropes to drag time forward; forward to a destination unknown, yet always engulfed by the expectation, the promise again of You.

I feel you near, just out of reach; out of sync with my reality. With each memory, the vessel quakes within, as though trying to pull your essence back inside. I draw each breath and beat back the false hope, try to drown the pangs of expectation.

I know not if ever I will see you again, but the vessel inside me shudders, waiting, reminding me of what it was to be filled…

Waiting to be filled again with everything that was You.


About creativewriter72

I am a person embarking on an in depth exploration of the creative side of writing. Each blog post is an exercise in creative writing and the stories are not intended to be continuous.
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